How To Reset An Ink Cartridge In Canon Printer

reset ink cartridge canon

The canon printers have a special chip inserted in the cartridges and the function of such a chip is to report when the ink levels are low or when the cartridge is completely out of ink. The printer is not going to function even if one cartridge is out of ink. In such a situation, there comes the time when you need to reset canon ink cartridge.

 It will require a chip resetter that has been designed for a particular cartridge model. The chip resetters are available as a single product and also have refill kits. 

When the printer gives us the message that it is out of the ink, it’s time to pull out a new ink cartridge. Sometimes, the printer can give an error saying the ink cartridge is empty when there is still some ink left. 

In that scenario, we have to reset the cartridge and do not consider to install a new cartridge. 

Here are the steps on how to reset an Ink cartridge in Canon printer:

Removing the Cartridge:

The first thing that you need to do is to remove the cartridge from the printer. After that, insert the cartridge into the main channel of the resetter. 

Chips should make contact:

After this step, you need to make sure that the chip on the ink cartridge is making direct contact with the contact plate of the resetter or not. 

Press down on the cartridge:

After making the contact, you gently press the cartridge for a few seconds. This is going to the LED light on the chip resetter to flash a few times. This is going to ensure that the cartridge has made the right contact with the chip. 

You must hold the cartridge for a few seconds unless the LED light gets steady and is not flashing anymore. Make sure you perform this step in the right manner to reset ink cartridge in canon. If you are facing any problem, you can call our tech experts at:

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Remove the cartridge:

After successfully putting the chip at the right place, its time to remove the ink cartridge from the chip resetter. This is the same procedure that you need to reset any other ink cartridge from the canon printer. Once the procedure is completed, you need to install the cartridge in the computer. 


If you have successfully followed all the steps mentioned above, then you know how to reset the Canon printer ink cartridge. This process may be simple and can be technical for some of the users. 

The users who may find it even somewhat technical must call our experts as soon as possible on the numbers mentioned above and get the fastest solution to any of your printer problems. You do not have to spend hundreds of dollars. Get help in easy steps and to know more visit our website canon printer offline.

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