How To Hard Reset Canon Printer, Ink Reset & Power Reset?


Doing a hard reset on a canon printer can help you to fix various issues. It includes running a power cycle, resetting ink, and hard reset. Each canon model may vary in options, but overall, the procedure is the same. 

The printer control panel helps to manage many problems. This article will explain various printer reset procedures. 

Read the article to find the best fit solution for your Canon printer problem.

Power Reset Canon Printer

Power resetting printer can also resolve timely errors. It is not always necessary to jump to hard reset printer. Following check out how can do perform the printer power reset.

  • Unplug the printer from the power source.
  • Remove the Ethernet cable from the printer.
  • Completely disconnect the printer and give it a rest.
  • After 2-3 minutes, plug the power cord into a power outlet.
  • Insert the Ethernet cable ai its place.
  • Do run a test document to check the printer performance.

Now, check if the problem you were facing is gone or not?  In most of the cases, a power reset works for fixing various minor issues. 

Make a habit of giving one print command at a time. Overloading printer with printing jobs also makes him confused sometimes. 

Hard Reset Printer

When your problem didn’t get solved even after doing ink rest or power reset printer, then you should opt for Printer hard reset. Although it shouldn’t be your first troubleshooting choice, you can’t even overlook this. For serious printer issues such as 

The process for hard reset is quite easy and will get back your printer to its original state. Following check out what steps you should follow to hard reset canon printer:

  • Press & hold the “Stop” button on your printer.
  • You will see the alarm LED will start blinking.
  • Start counting the LED blinks up to 19.
  • Release the button when the count reaches 19. That means you need to keep holding the “stop” button until the LED flashes 19 times.
  • Your printer will restore its factory default settings now. 

To make this step more effective, you should:

  • Remove the printer from your system.
  • Add your printer back to the system.
  • Uninstall the printer driver.
  • Re-install the updates printer driver (Check out the blog to download drivers
  • Also erases all/any custom network settings from the printer.  

For Printers Having Display Control Panel

If you have a Canon printer model that has a display control panel, then the job becomes more comfortable. Here is how can you access the factory reset option.

  • Plugin the power cord into the power outlet
  • Turn on your printer.
  • Let the initial setup takes it time.
  • When your printer is ready to operate; open the menu.
  • choose “Device settings” under the “Setup menu.”
  • Press OK.
  • Select the Reset settings option
  • Press the “OK” button.

This will initiate the hard reset process on your printer.

Ink Cartridge Resets

Whenever you install a new ink cartridge, your printer will provide a complete set of instructions. Following the screen, prompts helps in the cartridge realignment process.  

When you refill/replace cartridges you may encounter cartridges reset issue for Canon printers. 

For any cartridge issues, you should first refer to your cartridge refill kit instruction.

To avoid any ink cartridge reset problems, it is recommended to purchase original cartridges from the manufacturer.  Following check out Ink reset instructions:

  • To reset the ink cartridge, you first need to reset the printer. 
  • Scroll up and check the previous section for instructions on Resetting printer.
  • Once the printer is reset, unplug the power cable and all other connected USB’s. 
  • Open the ink cartridge door and hold down the power button
  • Now, reconnect the power cables (don’t release the power button)
  • Then, close the cartridge door.
  • Release the power button now.

This will reset ink cartridges. Many of your printing related problems may get resolved, such as:

  • Canon printer printing blank pages
  • Canon printer won’t print
  • Canon printer not printing

That’s all. By following the steps mentioned above, you can efficiently perform the required reset on your printer.

If you need any further technical help while resetting your printer, you can contact our technicians. 

They can assist you quickly reset your Canon printer. Dial the Canon Printer Customer Service Numbers: USA/Canada: +1 888-480-0288 & UK: +44 800-041-8324. 

Happy Printing!

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