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About Canon Printer Offline

CanonPrinterOffline, we provide a friendly, reliable and fast service for residential customers. We believe in a friendly approach to our customers and we will explain the problem and the solution in a language you can understand. We offer on-site electronic device repair services within your budget. CanonPrinterOffline Embraces various areas of information technology such as application development and management, quality assurance and testing, web development and other technical services and solutions.

Canon printers need no introduction as such. Since decades it has been serving our all printing needs, be it professional or personal. Canon printer one of the most favored names that strike in mind when someone thinks about buying a printer. With time Canon has developed and introduced so many models in the market to fit everyone’s needs and pocket. The easy user interface and convenient handling make Canon printers a prime choice. On a flip side, these printers do behave abruptly at times, and that is something expected from any electronic or digital devices. The happy news is handling canon printer errors are not rock big task for experts working at our canon printer support help-desk.


If there are no error messages pointing you to the problem, check to be sure that the printer is still connected, via USB or Ethernet cable or—if a wireless model—that the Wi-Fi is enabled and that you’re connected to the right network.


Believe it or not, cost per printed page has declined in recent years, but that’s small comfort to someone having to pony up for yet another set of cartridges. But there are ways you can lower your ink costs and save paper as well.


Fortunately, paper jams are far less common than even a decade ago, but they still can happen.Be sure to square off the stack of paper before inserting it in the tray, be sure that the guides are flush with the paper, and avoid over-filling the tray.

Issue With Canon Printers


  • Printers install/uninstall and setup
  • Paper jam problem in Printers
  • Slow Printing Speed
  • Printer Firmware update
  • Printers install/uninstall and setup
  • Wireless Printer Setup
  • Printer in Sleep Mode
  • Printer not printing
  • Print Head not recognized
  • Printer Printing Blank Pages


  • Printer Language Change
  • Communication Error
  • USB not working
  • Not able to print color pages
  • Install Cartridge
  • Reinsert Cartridge
  • Printer not printing
  • Printer not turning off
  • Resetting printer
  • Printer asking for WPS Pin


  • Printer giving error code
  • Not able to print both sides
  • Output tray open
  • Not printing from feeder
  • Printer not taking paper
  • Printer not printing from Email
  • Printer in Sleep Mode
  • Printer not printing
  • Printer not connecting to wireless
  • Printer not printing from PDF etc

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Steps to Fix Canon Printer Offline Issues

Canon Printers are very popular all around the globe, and they are looked over as the best quality printers. In some cases, your Canon printer is not responding in its best way due to some technical glitches it may be facing. Canon Printer offline is one of the most common issues faced by its users which can hamper their productivity. If your canon printer is offline, it can be due to some technical issues or data corruption, you can try Customer Support Service to resolve the Canon Printer Offline Issues. If your Canon printer is not working efficiently on your Mac device or if your printer status is showing offline the follow these simple Steps to resolve your canon printer is offline mac error.

Steps to Resolve Canon Printer Offline Mac

First Method to fix Canon Printer Offline Issue in Mac
  1. First of all, disconnect your Printer device cable from your MacBook and power off the printer for a while.
  2. Restart your Mac device and turn on the printer and try reconnecting it to your Mac Device.
  3. Now check again, if still it status shows offline (if yes, then try out the second method)
Second Method - Reset Printing System
  1. To reset your Printer System, click on ‘Apple Menu’ and select ‘System Preferences’.
  2. Select on the Printers and Scanners
  3. Press the ‘CTRL’ Tab and right click at the same time in the Printer List. A menu list will appear from where you have to select on “Reset Printing System”.
  4. Verify if your Canon printer is securely attached to your Mac device either wirelessly or with cable.
  5. Click on the ‘+button and choose your printer if it appears in the list, if not then click on the ‘Add Printer or Scanner’ option.
  6. Select your printer from the list and click on ‘Add’ Button. Mac operating system will automatically download the latest software for your Canon Printer. Wait for some time to download and install the software and you can begin using your printer.
Tip: The main reason for printer status shows offline is due to old printer drivers, too many commands for printing, network errors, loose cables and wires, jamming of paper or missing papers.

Solution to Fix Canon Printer Offline Windows 10

There can be various reasons for your Canon printer not responding properly. If you are facing the issue of Canon printer offline on Window 10, then here the simple that you can follow to make your Canon Printer online.
First Method:
  1. Click on Windows-10 Start button then click on Device manager option which you will get in the Menu option.
  2. In the Device Menu, go to the Action Tab in the top menu. In the drop-down menu, select ‘Devices and Printers’ option.
  3. Right click on the icon which is offline printer (It will appear as faded) and then click on ‘See what’s printing’ Option.
  4. Then click on ‘Printer’ option and if you spot any grey tick beside the option ‘Use Printer Offline’, click on it in order to remove the tick. Now, wait for the printer to come online and check if you can print now.
If your printer goes offline again shortly after showing online status then you can try out this another method.
Second Method:
  1. Hit on the Windows-10 logo key and go to settings icon.
  2. In the settings, click on the ‘Devices’ option.
  3. On the Next Screen, click on Troubleshoot option that you will find in the side menu and then again click on the Printer option.
  4. Make a click on Run the Troubleshooter Option in the extended Printer Menu.
  5. Now let the Windows Troubleshooter run. It will automatically come up with some suggestions to deal with the persisting problem. Suggestions can be like ‘make the printer as the Default Printer’ or ‘Update the driver’ or anything else.
  6. Once the suggestion will appear, click on the first option Apply This Fix, and then follow the next instructions.
If still, you are facing any issues with your Canon Printer then our expert technician can you to solve your Canon Printer related issues. Call on Our toll-free number to talk to one of our expert Technician.


Canon Connect is a service that connects customers to Canon printers over the internet or local network.
Canon Connect has the following services. Email Print, Canon iPrint, Scan to Cloud, Remote Print
To learn more about Canon Connect, visit

Recommended internet connection (IPv4).
Minimum download speed: 512 Kbps or faster. Recommended download speed: 1 Mbps or faster. Canon Connect uses port 5222.
You have to ensure this port is enabled in an office network

For a list of printers that support Canon Connect, please refer to this page.

The printing job can be canceled using the printer’s control panel. Cancel the Pending or Stopped job on the Email Print Log or Remote Print Log

Canon Printer Offline Issue can be one of the frustrating issue while dealing your busy day in office. Canon Printer Offline issue is a common occurrence while dealing with our day to day printing need to in office or home. Fortunately, you can know, resolve and avoid this issue easily. To avoid Canon Printer Offline issue, you need understand why it happens. Following are a few common reasons for the cause of this issue.
I. Your laptop/computer has lost its internet connection.
II. Router is not connected with your Canon Printer properly.
III. Printer is on offline mode setting.
IV. You have not selected Canon printer as your default printer
V. Errors during configuration of your canon printer
VI. Printer drivers are damaged
VII. Need updates printer drivers are outdated and needed to be updated.

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